End Of School Year Party

It's hard to tell if we were celebrating the beginning of Summer break or the end of school year. Sixth grade is certainly a tad bit tougher than fifth. Getting used to lockers, going from class to class on time, piano practice, show choir (watch Glee, if you want to know more about show choir), the GT courses and getting straight A's throughout the entire year. Did I forget waking up at 5:45 every single morning by herself and getting to the bus stop on time? She also won the "Stride for Excellence" award in Choir. After seeing her performance in the Disney show, we have no doubt she deserved it. She rocked the stage like a star.

Friday was the last day of school. Riya created the invitations herself from old scrap-booking sheets. She picked the guest list, passed out the invites and the girls text'ed her back their response. I was glad I let her pick the guest list instead of suggesting kids.

You hear constant chit chatter but they all turn silent the minute you walk in. Now that's a sign they are all grown up. The girls certainly knew how to have fun. Lots of music, sing-alongs, karaoke, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the girls enjoy the play set we have in our backyard with the tiny slide and swings.

One of the girls brought some peaches from her neighbor's backyard. These peaches need no Melba. They had that melt in the mouth goodness. Food for the party was baked pasta, make your own ice-cream sundae, sweet potato fries and chocolate covered strawberry.

The highlight of the day was "Project Ambush". The girls walked over to a boy's (their classmate) house who lived in our neighborhood. My daughter knocked on his door with the rest of the pack hidden behind the bushes. They wanted to get back at him, for what ever reason. The kid was not at home but at his friend's house (again in our neighborhood). His mom volunteered to bring him and his friends. The girls literally pounced on the poor boys chasing them down. I am not sure, if the parent's of the boy will be our friends anymore, but I sure got the "Best Mom" for being an accomplish in their mission.

As far as my son's school year was concerned, he sure has mastered the art of journal writing. His exerts were mostly synopsis of the popular television show "Ninjago" with the occasional "I am happy when I spend time with my mom and dad" type sentences to keep us happy when we read his journal.


Bikramjit June 7, 2012 at 4:10 AM  

I liked the sound of project AMbush .. yayyy Go for it .. thanks to sooper Mommy ..


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