I doubt if I have ever shared pictures of my family room. There are several reasons for not doing so. One, I never got to dress up that room in all these 5 years we lived in and two, it's really tough to find that room clutter free and sun lit at the same time. Today morning, the sun was playing peek-a-boo, providing that perfect lighting for a shot. In between getting my son ready for school and trying to snap a picture of the part-light-part-shadow, I did manage to get some decent photographs to share with you all.

We re-arranged the couch in an angular way to provide better access to the master bedroom. I also added a set of four panels to the windows. The curtains reminded me of the ones we had at home when I was a kid, especially the colors and the pattern. It did not take me too long to choose this one and luckily they made these in 105". These panels are from JC Penny and are totally worth the money. It pleats well and you save a few bucks on the rings as it has attached rings. I ordered these online after checking it out in a store; bought some curtain rods and voila.

 My book shelf is filled with home decor books from the library, almost like I am on a home decor over drive. The wall behind Buddha can use some art and some colorful cushions. I also saw pouf made from Indian sarees in Pier One, that I absolutely loved. That will be a great addition to this room. I was just not sure if it can withstand regular usage. I hate to buy things for special uses. If it can't handle rough usage, it's probably not a good fit. For now, I guess I will sit down, relax and enjoy my new panels for a while, before I change a thing.


Tanvi April 27, 2012 at 3:39 PM  

They look great! I love how much natural light enters this room!!!

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Bikramjit April 29, 2012 at 10:21 AM  

It looks very nice :) you are always welcome ot come and re do my house anytime :) he he he


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