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I was in Richmond on a business trip last week and spent my evenings reading blogs sans commenting. I was hoping to see cherry blossoms and did not get to. May be next year. On the home front, my husband and I debated between moving closer to my work and staying in our current house. After a series of back and forth discussions, we decided to stay and work from home more often. After all that new home research, we both are badly in need of a vacation and we are leaning more towards a beach resort, all inclusive types.

Spring is usually a teaser in Dallas. I am glad it extended more than a week this year. The vegetable garden is sprouting. The first few harvests of cilantro always tastes the best. The heat kind of takes away the flavor from cilantro.

I love roses, actually any flower for that matter. I could do posts after posts on roses. My next is to get a set of Knock Out roses. What's gardening in Texas with out some knock out roses.

Recently framed art work, looking for a wall space, which is not a difficult task.


Devi April 26, 2012 at 8:20 AM  

Nice to see a post after a longg time..Hope you are doing great!!
The roses look lovely!!

Bikramjit April 26, 2012 at 8:31 AM  

hey .. well i am still waiting here for the summers to come up so what i have planted gets time to grow ..

the cilantro looks lovely :)


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