Samosa And Chai

It's a beautiful Autumn day outside, while I am still in August on my blog posts. Another major, may be not, milestone that occurred during the Summer is that my kids learned to make tea. Tea making is a perfect start to teach somebody how to cook as it starts off with boiling water. A little flavoring gives the new chef some freedom to try out their natural abilities and be a little experimental while staying with in the boundaries.

Here's the recipe I taught them to make a cup of tea.

Heat 3/4th a cup of water with crushed ginger and 2 cardamoms

When the water starts boiling, add a teaspoon of tea

Simmer the tea and add 1/4th cup or less of milk.

Wait patiently until the tea boils. Turn the stove to low heat for a couple of minutes and switch it off.

Filter and serve tea with samosas, rusks or Parle-G, our favorite go to biscuit to have with tea.


shuchita November 27, 2012 at 12:49 AM  

that is a milestone and now you can enjoy the fruits of their labor
Tea is also the first thing I taught my husband my motive was purely so I can get a cuppa not made by me :)

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