Happy Diwali


It's still raining Diwali celebrations here in Dallas. I have a 2nd round of Diwali party at work tomorrow. The first one was held last Friday. My parents are here to join in the festivities with us. Super exited about that!!! We hosted last weekend with sparklers and sweets galore.

I have a new found love for sarees. But some how could not get myself to buy one this Diwali for a one or two time wear. Sure I will get there, some day. The water jug filled with roses and the heavy duty appam-maker (appam-karai) as shown in pictures below are my latest finds. Actually my dad's finds.

The roses are from our back yard. Yes, it's still green here in Texas and sure is a pleasure to party out doors in November. Until I find a chance to make appams, the appam maker shall serve the purpose of a candle holder.

Of course my favorite urli filled with flowers, starring along side is the wooden floors that I am still mad about.


Bikramjit November 15, 2012 at 9:19 AM  

Hope you hada great day .. thanks for sharing the pics :)


GB November 15, 2012 at 11:09 AM  

Pretty, pretty! Hope you had a wonderful diwali. LOL about lusting after sarees--this season brings that out in me as well. No new sarees in the horizon for me as well, at least not till I make a trip to India.

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