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I usually refrain myself from reading books that my daughter does. The Hunger Games Series is probably an exception. We watched the Hunger Games and I could not resist my self from reading "Catching Fire" to know that happens next. Waiting a year for book #2 to be made into a movie did not appeal me as I suffer from exhibiting really low thresholds of patience. Gripping is an understatement to describe Hunger Games. I was pleasantly surprised to find the book written using simplistic language avoiding fancy schamcy words and sentences. No wonder it's such a popular book amongst school going kids and adults alike.

As a rule, I leave a lot of wall space in the kids room to engage their interests and encourage them adorn the wall with things of their choice. Proudly stands on her wall is our 5K race numbers for a charity event for breast cancer awareness, her choir show performance posters, a 6th grade Social Studies assignment on Abigale Adams, a poster of Taylor Swift along with the colorful bubbles we painted a while ago.

If you are interested in knowing what's in my son's room, it's simply - animals. Postures, cut-outs everything related to animals. Watch out you may very well step on insect habitats he builds out of plastic containers with holes poked on lids and the boxes filled with dirt and pieces of fruits. If you are lucky, you may find a box with an insect intact that he found on the school playground; carefully transported home in his back pack.

He's promised me he will not bring home all the "cute" geckos he finds outside our house, no matter how tempting it gets; simply because he knows I am scared of it. Now, how sweet is that !!!


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