AZUSA, Midtown NY

What you do for a living no longer seems a person question in the US of A. You would be amazed by how many perfect strangers have asked me that question and how many are more than willing to proclaim their own. It's almost like what you do for a living is a critical part of your identity. But apart from that, I seem to totally enjoy random conversations irrespective of whether I am included in one or if I am simply overhearing by virtue of sitting right next to them in the bar area. On business trips, I prefer to sit in the bar area rather than opt for a table, unless it's outdoors and the  weather is great. 

I was looking for a place to dine in and choose a Sushi place in Midtown. The bar was not too crowded, a Japanese family including a dad, son and uncle and a desi girl. My very first seeing another desi girl dining all by herself. The Japanese family kept us entertained, most of the talking done by the son and uncle while the wise dad kept to a few chuckles. Another banker joined in the conversation who happened to work in that area. We had such a good time, one suggested we meet the following Thursday. But I was flying out, the Japanese uncle and dad were flying back to Japan. Not sure if the desi girl, the banker gentleman and the young Japanese chap met in the weeks to come. AZUSA is sure on my list to visit on my next trip.

In case you found this post via a search result for AZUSA, their sushi is great, service even better. Not pricey at all. The seating on the 2nd floor appears more family oriented while the bar area ambiance is more zen like.


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