Fall Festival At Work And Middle School

Elementary school is a good time to try out various activities for the kids to get an idea of the their interests and to identify inherent talents. By Middle or High school the kid could still surprise you with a hidden talent or an interest they never showed when they were in elementary. Riya is still into spelling, singing, piano and her latest fascination is with sports and politics. Governor Romney did a wrong move by pulling in Big Bird into the political debate. My kids are so against him they remind me everyday that he could very well pull the plug out of NPR, one of my favorite radio stations. Riya made it into the school's Tennis team but sustaining the team needs a lot of practice. She is also looking at basket ball for the upcoming season. It's a little overwhelming for us but she seems to be enjoying the whole thing and efficiently managing her time.

Thanks to Facebook, I know I am not alone with the sudden influx in the activities for Middle school.Well, like everything else, this is a phase of life to be enjoyed and savored for time flies so fast. Last Friday was Fall Festival at my workplace. Riya had choir practice that day and I made her skip it to take her to the Fall Festival at work. She was hesitant at first but was glad she came to the festival.

Live band, bounce houses, crafts for the kids, kettle popcorn, cotton candy, charred corn on the cob, caramel apples with Halloween toppings as well as the classic peanuts, cake walk, plenty of games for the kids and fire truck with firemen providing tours of the the truck were all part of the Fall Festival last weekend.

No points for guessing that my current work place scored as the best company I ever worked for with my kids. I am beginning to realize the same, not just because of the free-festival but mainly because I am able to balance my work and life way better here than with any of my previous employers. Will post in detail another time on that aspect.


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