Soup Nazi

I wonder if this soup place was the inspiration for Seinfeld for one of his episodes on "Soup Nazi" or may be not. Especially the words in red letters does remind me of "No Soup", the famous words of the soup vendor to Elaine, a character from Seinfeld. Al's Famous Soup place is close to my workplace in NY and is usually packed for lunch. Good soup!!!

Talking about TV shows, if you have not watched the The Mindy Project, I highly recommend you watch it. You won't stop laughing the entire time. Well, when was the last time the main protagonist in a show was both female and hilarious. Tina Fey does come to mind, but she had Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock.


Tanvi October 8, 2012 at 1:43 PM  

I agree. That show ROCKS! Go Mindy.

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