Play Dress Up And Garba

A lanky girl in tees and skinny jeans or shorts in the Summer biking around the neighborhood or throwing in a few hoops in the back yard, playing the piano particularly the Christmas songs at this time of the year so she can be ready for the holiday season or reading a book too fast ignoring my words of wisdom to read slowly absorbing every word and appreciating sentences best describes my daughter. If she is not doing any of the above she is probably definitely listening to Taylor Swift songs. She needs a lot of convincing to dress up girly-girl. Not that she is a tom boy, but simply does not take the time to dress up fancy.

A couple of weekends ago, I took the time to dress her up in traditional South Indian skirt and blouse with some of her jewellery from the time she took Bhartnatyam lessons. The bangles are a tad size too big for her as those belong to me.

The temple and other Gujrathi organizations around the DFW are organizing daily/weekend Garbas and Dandiyas. My daughter, her friend N, N's mom (a good friend of mine) and moi went to Garba in the temple Sunday night. It's my daughter's first Garba ever and I am glad she loved it.


Bikramjit October 24, 2012 at 4:40 AM  

I love those vibrant colors green red gold .. beautiful


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