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My parents are in town and my whole house is turned upside down. No meat in the house, breakfast at 8, lunch at noon, snack time and rotis for dinner sharp at 7 just like clockwork. Did I forget no more dirty dishes in the sink and my kitchen floors are speckless. I had a day off from work, a few Mondays ago and all they wanted to do was visit the temple and eat South Indian food.

Not sure what your parent's do for fun, mine travel around India visiting more temples. I copied a whole bunch of their travel pictures and wanted to share a few of the gorgeous temple Gopurams from the South. The one above is the maha-gopuram at Sriramgam. One of these days I may get a few of these printed and framed to create a wall collage.

I am volunteering at Rohan's school to prep a team of 2nd and 3rd graders for an Instant Challenge competition, more like Destination Imagination that I did for Riya and her friends when she was in 5th grade. I know I typed up a draft in 2010 and did not publish it.

One of my favorite cousin is really serious about moving back to India. You know how every expat at some point or the other talks about moving back "home". I truly thought she was just fiddling around with the idea. She currently lives 45 minutes away from where I am. Well, another of my cousin moved to Austin, TX.

I have lost 12 pounds and that surely deserves it's own post and label and the whole 9 yards. Hopefully it won't be another just draft and will see some day light.

This post took me a month to publish. So much has happened around the world in these few weeks. The world today seems like a completely different place than the one I thought I knew. May we all find peace and solace in 2013.


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