Crow Creek Mine, Gridwood Alaska

Our first destination on this vacation was Anchorage, Alaska. On the way to Whittney, we stopped in Gridwood to peek inside the old mine. Panning for teeny-tiny pieces of gold is still a popular past time in Alaska. You can see quite a bit of gold panning type reality shows on T.V too. We used the RV rest area in the Crow Creek Mine. A whole another post is waiting on RV, so I will leave the details on this.
We woke the following day and walked down the trail to the creek, where people were panning for gold. To go on a hike in Alaska, you do not have to look too far and it does not matter where you are. Another hike and we were out of Gridwood.
The mine is family owned and have retained the houses and some part of the mine to how it was very many years ago.


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