Yosemite, California

Three hikes in a day were all worth it. The easiest hike was to the Mirror Lake. I was expecting a huge lake, but surprisingly it's a small lake with little water, but the water is so clear with absolutely no disturbances that it reflects everything around it. We saw a deer near the Mirror lake. Also this trail is paved, good for folks with strollers and such. Below is the equestrian trail that we took on our way to the lake. This trail could be smelly for obvious reasons, the paved trail is better way to reach the Mirror lake.
Vernal Falls hike was a good one, a moderate to slightly strenuous hike. You hike up to the waterfalls to get a good view of it. The kids hiked with us, no points for guessing the one who not panting or huffing was my daughter and my brother. Below is a picture of the falls. 
We also saw a beautiful blue bird near the falls.
I do not do hikes well, if you have to go down first and then climb back up. This hike down the mountains led us to these giant sequoia.


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