Damned If She Does, Damned If She Dosen't

A husband and wife started off their careers at the same time with similar qualifications. During their initial years, their titles, pay and bonus were almost the same. A few years down the lane, things changed. The husband got way ahead of his career than the wife. I am sure numerous working couples can relate to this. The authors Lynn Cronin and Howard Fine married couple and management consultants explain this phenomenon and many more real life situations.

There are no short term fixes or n-steps to the “Corner Office with Windows Facing Hudson River” suggested in the book. Instead the authors walk you through scenarios closer to real life where disparity between the genders exists in its subtlety. They interpret these scenarios that potentially impact a women’s career by drawing valuable insight from their own experiences.

The paradoxes mentioned in the book are true to the title and a must read for aspiring women.


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