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There's anything fancy I do on my business trips, especially the ones to Richmond. I might put on a dress, heals and go on a date with my book to a nearby restaurant in the Short Pump area. The place literally has a beautiful fountains with short pumps. The pumps do bring back a ton of memory from my childhood in Chennai. Our primary source of drinking water. I cannot count the number of creative excuses my brothers and I made up to escape the daunting task of pumping water. There was always a test in school right when we were needed to pump water. Studying history sounded more fun than pumping those days.

I was in Richmond last week for a presentation and did an fabulous job at it. Even before I could cherish my itsy-bitsy  success at public speaking, something else happened actually something stupid I did, that took my entire energy and focus away. Pretty much the story of my life these days, before I take a moment to cherish small accomplishments, there's always something else waiting for me round the corner.

Looking for a tip or two on public speaking -
  • Keep breathing, it makes you sound like you are not nervous. 
  • Please please listen when others are speaking instead of going over your lines in your head.
  • Add a joke or two as you get more comfortable with speaking in front of an audience. You tube or google can help you out, if you need an opening line.

I am also bitten by the "Guilt Bug" a little these days, especially when I travel and had to miss my daughter's solo singing performance. One of the parents in my neighborhood mentioned how beautiful my daughter sang, danced and entertained the audience, just like an American Idol contestant.

Missing moments like these sting and they sting hard.


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