Bullet Trains, Japan

Dallas is trying to build bullet trains and the first one is planned between Dallas to Houston, provided they get all the blessings from all the required stakeholders. While it might be new to USA, these have been around in Japan for over 50 years and the bullet trains changed the entire commerce landscape for Japan. We took the train from Tokyo to Kyoto. There's a train every 5 minutes. These are so punctual, you can set your watch on these train timings.

Above is a picture of the lovely Japanese country side. You can see the ocean on one side and Mount Fiji on the other. Unlike trains in China and India, the trains are so quiet. 

You will hardly find any talk on their phones. Most of the heads will be buried deep in their phones or eat a sushi Bento box they picked up from the eateries in the station. Below is a sample menu an eatery offered. There were tons of fake food the Japanese use for display. You could very well find gourmet coffee like the one in the picture above.


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