Shinto Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

The temple is a good hike up the mountain and through the Torri or the vermilion gates. The orange paint is the same color as that of the Bengal Tigers and the paint was imported from India. It always pays to have a Japanese guide to show you around. While there is a time to get lost in a new place and rediscover yourself there are times for a personal tour guide. We were glad we hired one who spoke English.

Recall the movie "The Memoirs of Geisha", these are the gates the young Geisha runs through right after the first commentary stops. The names engraved on the gates are those of the donors along with the date and time of donation.

In early Spring, the ground is filled with dried camphor leaves on the ground and when crumbled, fills the air with good camphor smell. At the same time, new Japanese maple leaves start coming out. I am sure its quite a sight in Autumn with the leaves changing colors.


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