Sushi in Japan

To say that there is "orderliness" in Japan is such an understatement. Everything is so perfect and awesome that it reminds me of the Lego movie. No body changes lanes while driving on roads, the cucumbers in the sushi are cut so perfectly .. and I can go on forever.

Almost everything is automated in Japan. Inspite of the automation, you will find business hire people to simply greet and welcome customers everywhere from airports to restaurants. Not too many people speak in English. However, when you find one, you get some amazing tidbits into their culture. We waited patiently for 2 hours to get into one of the best sushi places in Ginza. The table next to us was a Japanese family (just like the one next to it and the one next to). The daughter knew English and helped us understand the menu.

Street view - other restaurants in the area.
If time permits, and you do not mind the smell of raw fish, do visit the fish market, where they auction fish and have some fresh sushi for breakfast. 


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