Balance 101

How do you bring about a balance in life? It is bountiful and my interests are diverse to be focused on a few aspects at a point of time. Balance to me means; focus on priorities that need my attention the most at a particular time. Most often I try to do this on a proactive basis instead of reacting to adverse events.

There have been weeks where work has been my #1 priority and I may have neglected others to an extent. At times it’s something as basic as keeping the kids’ active and eating healthy.

I spent the last ten years towards building a strong marital bond, saw two beautiful kids grow right under my eyes, traveled a bit, built a rewarding career, made new friends and kept in touch with the old ones. Now it’s my mom’s turn to get some of my undivided attention. I am visiting India for a couple of weeks just to be with her. Of course I will meet as many friends and family as I can.


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