My Little Banker

Ri’s school in collaboration with a local credit union operate a bank. The fourth graders perform various duties to run it. In the beginning of the year, the kids fill out a form for various jobs like security, customer service, book keeping, cashier, marketing etc. Ri wanted to be the book-keeper.

The kids work once a month. They have a uniform (a tee basically) to distinguish the bankers from the clients. The security streamlines the crowd/customers and sends them to the cashiers in order. The cashier accepts the money and does a quick count. The book-keeper counts it one more time and logs it. There are kids in marketing, who entice other kids who are not customers by dressing up in costumes and by other means.

As the school year is coming to a close, her last day at work was this past Friday. This is a great way to provide the kids a preview of the larger working-world that is out there. More than anything, I am content with Ri’s attitude towards working. She thoroughly likes her job and is enthusiastic about it. Well, If she can jump out of bed when she thinks of her job first thing in the morning, she is more than half way there.


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