A Flurry of Activities

It’s a joy to dress up little girls and it only gets better with age. Ri had her Bharatnatyam performance this Sunday, after weeks of individual and group practice sessions. The kids danced to ‘Bhaje Muraliya’ dressed in knee length pattu-pavadais similar to last year. However accessory-wise they wore the entire suite from false hair to nethi-chuttis and ottiyanams. She sure is transitioning into a graceful dancer.

Ri and her team are working on a routine for the ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ program at school.

Ro’s pants are always ripped at the knee. The weather was good last Friday and he wore shorts. Guess what, he scraped his knees instead of his pants. As far as he’s concerned, he’s enjoying the attention and pampering his teachers and others around him are giving him. Additional benefits include skipping showers and ice skating practice.

Registered the kids for swim lessons this summer and Ro for Kindergarden!!!


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