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I absolutely love Ro’s Montessori school. The teachers know my son personally, his likes, dislikes, what he needs to work on, his strengths, his play dates and his preferences. Yes, he’s hardly five and has preferences. Like if there’s a snack or a birthday celebration, he prefers two servings rather than one. He prefers to sit in the corner most location for mat/work-time as he likes to slide and literally fall into his spot.

Working moms need meticulous scheduling to meet the demands of kids and work. I am sure it’s the same with moms who do not work outside. At any point of time, I maintain a social calendar, Ri’s school calendar and my work planner. What drove me up the wall was an email from his school informing me that pre-k’s graduation was scheduled for a day three weeks from now. The event is a big day for pre-k’ers and why would I miss my son’s event for lack of planning on the part of the school

I tried not to be rude but I had to give the school a piece of my head. Most schools provide a calendar at the beginning of the year while his school plans events like pulling tricks out a hat. It’s not the first; they schedule PTO meetings at a day’s notice. So on and so forth.

Well that was that and today morning when I went to the school to drop Ro, and I saw an events calendar for July and August. That’s a good start.

I will miss Ro’s pre-school graduation as I made prior travel plans for the same date. The rest of the family will attend though. I am sure my loss or rather my constructive feedback will help another parent down the road some other day.

Message to Ro: Congratulations buddy with your pre-school graduation!!! I understand it was a lot of hard work waking up, brushing your teeth, missing TV shows just to be at school. You did it and I am proud of you!!! I will be around for many more of these events in the future. I am sure when you are ready to read this blog, you probably will be hysterically laughing about how mad Amma was for something like your 4 year old pre-school graduation. Well, that’s your Amma.


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