Back To School Shopping List

With less than a month to go, back to school is already around the corner. My daughter is out of back packs and carries a Vera Bradley Tote for books and a cross body for cell phone, change, chap stick and other necessities for a middle school-er like pencils, erasers, markers and the likes.

The kids are both crazy about the Free Run Nike shoes. The shoes are so light, it feels light almost like walking barefoot.

No points for guessing, the Ugg Boots are for my daughter. She usually gets one boots and one athletic shoes for the school year. Crocs and/or flip flops for the Summer. The boots in the picture are my favorite. We could not agree on something we both liked. I can foresee another trip to the store.

My effort to be Plastic free is going no where. At the least, I would like to get some stainless steel lunch boxes for kids, in varying sizes. Some extras to pack sides and some for those they lose. I saw a few at "Sprouts", a local farmers market and have been shopping online as well.

Image Sources From Left to Right; top to bottom.

1. Ugg Boots -
2. Nike Free Run Boys -
3. Nike Free Run Girls/Woman -
4. Stainless Steel Lunch box - Grand Trunk 152116 Lunch Box SS
5. Vera Bradley Tote -
6. Vera Bradley Lunch bag -


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