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A few years ago, 4 years to be exact, I wanted to go "non-stick cookware" free. Tossed the non-stick ones out and in with new stainless steel ones and I was good. Of course with the exception of a griddle. I find cast iron ones effective in lieu of stainless steel for pan cakes, crepes, dosa and rotis. Never once did I miss the non-stick cook wares again.

Of late, I have been thinking about going microwave-cooking-free and plastic-free. Leaning more towards the latter than the former. It all started with opting for stainless steel lunch boxes for the kids for the next school year as they are too young for the glass containers. I stumbled upon Beth Terry's "Plastic Free" book. A few pages into her book, I knew realized it was Pandora's box that I had opened. Believe it or not, plastic is everywhere. Literally everywhere - from mattresses, packaging materials, diapers to the small label on the fruits.

In stead of getting overwhelmed and trying to reach for the stars and declare myself green, I prefer to set up achievable goals. Here are a few I already do -
  • No more goody bags. I wrap a book or two and pass it out for the kids as a goody bag instead. Never once have I heard a kid come back and say they miss the goody bag. Believe it or not, kids are pretty honest and up front when it comes to matters as this.
  • Not sure if you like this one or not, I recycle gift bags. I find it such a futile waste of good earned money on gift bags. Trust me these bags are so sturdy, it can last a few rounds.
  • Use stainless steel water bottles in lieu of plastic ones.
Here are a few I am trying to accomplish.
  • Stainless steel Lunch boxes
  • Recycle bags in stead of plastic ones - It's a shame, most of the time, the bag is either in the car or in the house. Going forward, I may simply opt to buy the recycle bag instead of bagging in plastic ones. At some point I am sure I will have enough in the house to simply remember to take it with me.
  • Turn all plastic storage containers to glass ones. Too bad the lids are made out of plastic.
Challenges I am still working on a solution are -
  • Long drives and other outings need large quantities of water, especially when you are not sure about refilling stations on the way. Stainless steel bottles do not help here much.
  • Disposable plates versus cleaning dishes during parties and such. I have to admit, my guests are great, more often than not, most volunteer to do the dishes after the party.


Bikramjit July 8, 2012 at 8:49 AM  

hmmmmmmmmmm so when you find a way around the big water bottles let me know , I go on long drives too not as much as in USA but still :)


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