Forbidden Caves, TN

The Forbidden caves/caverns are about 20 miles from Gatlinsberg in Servieville. The natural entrance to the cave is a tiny hole high above, so inconspicuous that it acted as a perfect hideout spot for the Moon shiners to housed their unit. The flowing stream of water under the cave served its due purpose. 

Man made features like adding an accessible entrance, lights to enhance the stalgamites, stalacites and other naturally formed features like columns, cavern draperies etc are part of the hour long guided tour through the cave. The caves were also used by the Indians leaders ... may be like a cabinet meeting (?). 

The path is well lighted making it is an easy hike. The caves maintain it's internal temperature in the upper 50s, no matter what the outside temperature is. This feature makes it a round the year destination.

The gift shop is a must visit irrespective of whether you want to buy a souvenir or not. The place is filled with items that will make you laugh out load. Some inappropriate yet funny. Those I can share, are coming soon in another post.


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