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I am at least a month behind on my posts. There are very few months where so much happens and I have so little time to add it to my journal aka this blog. Other times, it's simply more of the same events. I was accompanied by an ex-New Yorker who also happens to be a huge history buff and an upcoming writer. Her book is ready and awaiting a publisher. So no wonder she suggested Hotel Roosevelt. The building is simply NY history personified. The hotel has appeared in many movies. 

I know many who will not act like tourists when they are on a business trips, more so when it comes to NY. I can understand why they do that, but I beg to differ. It was not too hard to convince my travel buddy to the  New York Public Library. I spent my time reading and visiting the free-exhibition on Lunch Hour while she was working on book #2.

Inside Walls - NY Public Library
Here are a few pictures from the Lunch Hour exhibition.

Antique Coffee Dispenser; another B/W Movie Favorite Item
Note the prices. Gold Old Days !!!
A Sandwich Dispenser for a quick lunch bite


Bikramjit September 21, 2012 at 4:12 AM  

hmm lovely pictures .. I like that sandwhich dispenser for sure


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