Taylor Swift, Country Music Hall Of Fame, TN

Popular amongst the younger women and tweens, Taylor Swift is known for her break ups, match ups with rich high profile young men. Has that not been the case with most star-muscians, may be the heart breaks and aches serves as inspiration to create music.

The country music star is from Nashville and has donated her outfits from the Speak Now Tour to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Her music sounds more like pop than Country music to me but I guess she is clasified a Country Music star because she write her own music and is from Nasville(do we need another reason?).

Taylor Swift has an amazing sense of style and is featured in magazines for what she wore to concerts and events to what she looked like when she stepped out of an airport. By donating her outfits, she has attracted a new genre to the Country Music Hall of Fame. A genre of young women too young to know the charisma of Elvis or Dolly Parton. Her exhibits are in the Hall of fame, but she is not yet inducted into it. I am sure her time will come too.

I like to hear Kelly Clarkson or Katie Perry over Swift among the new women vocalists. For no rhyme or reason, "The one who got away" chimes with me over "She wears short skirts, I wear t-shrits". The latter belongs to Swift and the former to Perry.

Each display has the picture taken from the concert and the outfits looks ravishing on her than in the display by itself.

Need I say, this post is dedicated to my daughter and all her friends whose consider it their foremost duty  to religiously update me on the latest on Taylor Swift. Without whom, I would have probably never known Taylor Swift. Thanks to Pandora, we listened to a wide genre of music on the long drive. No points for guessing whose songs played the most.


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