Central BBQ, Memphis, TN

Do you remember the time when domestic flights were hardly full and a delay in a trip was an exception? The 14 hour long drive from Dallas to The Smoky mountains was way more pleasant than my 4 hour flights to NY and Virginia from Dallas. We broke our drive into two seven hour trips with a stop over at Memphis.

Wall Of Visitors - German Commissionary
Any Southerner will tell you a trip to Memphis is not complete with out a visit to the local barbecque joints. We visited two of the Memphis' best BBQ joints in town. The German Commissionary and the Central BBQ. The German Commissionary on our way to Tenessee and the Central BBQ on our way back to Dallas. It's really hard for me to tell which one was better. If I had to badly pick one then my choice would be the Central BBQ. Light, moist and slow cooked is how I would describe the food from both the joints.

Local Beer at Central BBQ
The Comissionary is more rustic with wooden walls like a log cabin, vintage bill boards, a reminiscence of the fact that they sold everything from fishing rods to groceries back in the days. The tables are more country with simple plaid table cloth, low celings providing that "neighbor hood joint" kind of a feel to it. The place is prod of it's origin and their visitors that range from Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and the likes.

Central BBQ is more fast-food joint style than the Commissioanry and the line was pretty long to get in. It was worth the wait. They also serve locally brewed beers. We brought back the BBQ rub and sauce from German Commissionary and Central BBQ. Great accompaniments on pulled meat from rotissory chicken. The BBQ rub works well on root vegetables.


rama September 4, 2012 at 3:04 AM  

It was nice to read about a place famous for country music, and a place from where my husband got his MS and Phd.
We have to see that part of America hopefully during our next trip.

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