The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN - 2

Picket fences, colorful flowers, wooden bridges and rocks in the way of water are some of those things, I cannot stop myself from photographing. There is no way I would miss the photo-op of a lovely old rackety wooden bridge nestled among the trees. I have teeny-tiny ounces of patience with no real liking to fishing. If I did, this would be a great spot for catching a bass or a trout or even fly-fishing; which I have no idea how some do it.  We found this stream close to a mini-hike on the day we arrived.

Apparently there are many many types of salamanders in the Smoky Mountains. We found one on the rocks by the stream. My threshold to tolerate creepiness and slimy creatures has considerably gone up, thanks to the training my son unknowingly provided. My parents and brothers would be happy/proud to know that I even caught a close-up picture of the salamander for my son.
The water was swifter in this part of the stream, so we restrained from getting into the stream. Wonder whether this area is subject to flash floods. You can tell we are a family of risk-averse, can't you?


Bikramjit August 21, 2012 at 1:24 AM  

beautiful pictures , look at that lovely water ...


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