Early Settlement, Smoky Mountains, TN

Cades Cove has preserved some of the home sites and the homes of the early settlers. The road tour is mapped in a way to provide access to these homes and the churches. My dreamy self was ready to move in  to write a sequel to "The Little Women", Tennessee Edition. The setting was apt with luscious pastures, barns, and the wooden homes.

The Carters, Olivers, Lawsons and a few more lived in the settlement with appropriate space for blacksmith shop, mill flume (they used water to power a mill), smokehouses, mills, et al. Not too much has changed in the fundamental structure of the fire places and the attics from those times to now. What a view these families woke up to !!!

I was so fascinated by the foundation of the houses, that I had to post a picture for you.


Devi August 23, 2012 at 7:42 AM  

Beautiful...I am so tempted to go now!!

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