Gatlinberg, TN

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are infested with Pancake houses and fudge shops. I find the latter too sugary and the former is an everyday actually just on weekends item in our household. So we were not too keen on trying either. 

A walk around the city does not take too long and there are free shuttles that drive you up and down the streets. The city has an old world charm and all the reminiscence of a mountain resort with log cabin style shops selling items raging from travel magnets to chilli sauces, cheeses, tees with hilarious captions on hiking and everything in between.

The Pepper Palace, sells various sauces, mostly chilli based. You could try their sauces if you were 18 or older. I am sure you can spot the chilli plants at the bottom of the display window.

I would classify the place more rustic than classy. You could make a wooden name tag when you are here. If you are lucky, you could spot artists tap dancing.


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