Gatlinberg, TN - Part 2

The Celtic Heritage offers jewellery and music from Wales, Scotland and a couple of other European countries belonging to the Celtic culture. I am sure you can wiki-pedia-up Celti culture, so I shall refrain myself from cut-copy-pasting information. What appealed to me was the architecture of the building and of course, I was not expecting to see any Celtic reference deep down in the state of Tennessee. 

Ripley's Believe it or Not is probably the fastest growing franchise in the US of A. Seeing it mushroom in numerous tourist bound places. Guinness Book of World Records has a small museum here as well. You are bound to find hodge-podge of such entertainment centers in Gatlinburg.

One of my husband's favorite bands. Can you believe we could have seen Doors perform live for $4.00!!! ...  if only we were born before before the concert date. An old posture of the concert. You can find "Gone With The Wind" postures and the likes all over the place.

A view of the mountains from the road side. The town also happens to be a biker's paradise including motor cycles.


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