Colorado Springs, July 2010

Garden of the Gods

During the summer, it rains most afternoons in the mountains accompanied by thunder storms. But the view after a rain is priceless. There are a few family friendly walking trails and it is an easy walk to get a good view of all the formations. Click here to see more pictures from the Garden of the Gods.

Pike's Peak

There is a reason why the summit of Pike's Peak was the key inspiration for Bates to write "America the Beautiful". We hiked up the mountain via Barr Trail for a few minutes with 4 kids (including my friends'). It was fun and I really wished we hiked some more. Click here for more pictures.

We took the train ride to the summit and back.

Colorado definitely has some of the greatest locally made ice creams in the country.

We visited the Colorado Creamery and Rock House to get a taste of Colorado's best !!!


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