Rocky Mountain National Park, July 2010

We clocked 2400 miles on our road trip and Rocky Mountain National Park was our final destination. A surprise visitor paid us a visit on the first day of stay. It was from a little black bear. July is definitely not the best time to visit the Rockies if the sole intention is to see wild life. We were lucky to see a few.

We drove to Bear lake and took a hike up to Alberta falls. A few detours made our hike a little longer and it is on this hike, Ro lost his first baby tooth.

We mostly ate subway sandwiches for lunch if we planned a hike or bike ride that afternoon. Be it waterfalls or streams, the ones we admired the most were the ones not on the map. The surprise factor more than made up for the size of the physical feature.

Some afternoons, we walked in the meadows, over the bridge and by the stream. We collected small rocks and pebbles from the mighty mountain as souvenir.

The drive to the top of the peak, on Trail Ridge road, one of the highest paved road in the country, was breath taking and the transition of vegetation from Montane to Sub-Alpine and finally to Alpine at the top of the mountains was spectacular.

Most evenings we played cards and board games with the kids and after they were tucked in their beds, M and I would sit out on the patio to enjoy the wilderness in its essence.


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