Spell Bee Spree

A good friend of mine at work told me how much her daughter loved to spell words. I asked her about spell bee contests. She told me right away, it was no longer fun to participate in one. To get a glimpse of how the contest used to be few decades ago, I looked at some of the winning words since 1965.

1965 – Eczema
1970 - Croissant
1975 - Incisor
1980 – Elucubrate
1985 – Milieu
1990 - Fibranne
1995 – Xanthosis
2000 – De’marche
2005 - Appoggiatura
2010 - Stromuhr

The words are living proofs to the fact that the fun part probably faded somewhere during the 80s and by the new millennium it narrowed down to mastering the ‘Science of Spelling’.

I would be lying if I said; the spell bee madness did not hit our heads. It did as these contests are huge in Dallas amidst Indians. The contest is run by a not for profit organization and they donate most of what they collecte through these contests. If not anything, it was for a good cause and we were ready to give it a shot.

One of the best traits that M brings to the parenting table is perseverance. M and Ri prepped for 3 months without falling off the wagon and won 5th place in the elementary level contest. The real take away from this whole experience is that, Ri learned in her own way that M and I act as a catalyst to bring out the best in her and all she needs to do is simply approach us ... until she is ready to take off on her own.


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