Interview Tips for New Moms

Most women need outfits that transition from day to evening seamlessly. Of late I have been rushing from day to school events.

Coming to the topic, if your new year's resolution is to re-join work force after a break in career, here are some pointers you can use. Again like with all tips, choose the ones that suit you and take it with a grain of salt. The only industry I know of is technology, so I am going to simply stick to it.

For no reason, you need to let your interviewer know you are a new mom or how long your commute is or any thing else that can possibly be construed as reasons you might be leaving early too often. Trust me, for every new-mom who loves to leave early, one can find 100s who are ready to stay late and all they are probably doing is just browsing the Internet. If you have special needs that restrict your working hours in any way, you also have the option to initiate those conversations with HR.

You could be the most well dressed person on the short list, but with a technology job, that is no guarantee you will land up in the job. Techie interviews are not entirely dependent on appearance.

Recollect things you worked on. Nothing beats when you quote scenarios from your experience than your text books. Having said that, don't forget to brush up on technology questions. There is ample information on sample questions on the Internet for any given technology. Make the best use of it.

Murphy's law is never more accurate for anybody than working moms. The day you have an important presentation is the day your child's daycare center will call you to pick up your sick kid up. The night before your interview is when your kid decides to have a sleepless night. Being a new mom, you can only plan so much. If nothing goes according to your plan, don't fret, instead don on some positive attitude and the best you can in the given circumstances.

Care to add any more pointers?


Tanvi January 27, 2011 at 10:02 PM  

So true. I am not a Mom but I do know that this always happens! And your pointers hold true for other industries too! It never hurts to be prepared :)

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