Deck The Halls And Other Self-Made Traditions

I am home and glad I don't have to travel again until 2012. There's nothing more I want to do the last two weeks of the year than spending it with the kids and family. We started a few holiday traditions after our kids were born. We flip a few things here and there but follow a few every year meticulously. 

Our tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving. There are years me and my husband do not buy gifts for each other but we always do for our kids. I take the kids with me to my husband's favorite shop so the kids can choose a gift for him and he does the same for me. We started this tradition this year. Its a good age for the  kids to pay attention to what their parent's likes and dislikes are.

Outdoor lights goes up for Diwali and stays until New Years. Like a true desi shopper I buy lights for the following year right after Christmas. Each year our collection grows and some are just replacements for those that stop working.

We fuss over Christmas day brunch and is usually my favorite. Hot chocolate is a big part of our lives this time of the year and there are other ways chocolate sneaks into the brunch menu.

The kids made a ginger bread house from a kit. It was pretty simple to make. Not the fanciest of all houses, but they had fun making it.


GB December 24, 2011 at 10:02 AM  

We're still adding traditions to our holiday celebrations. So far, it involves loads of baking and cooking and get-togethers....the gingerbread house looks like fun, maybe I'll add it for next year. We didn't do many lights this year, not even for diwali...just a couple of strings here and there...but it's something we've always done in the past.

Your tree looks lovely! Happy holidays to you and yours, Geeta!

Rambling Of A Single Girl In The City December 25, 2011 at 4:41 AM  

Christmas tree looks fab.. and you guys really have started nice traditions.. The lights thingy wow.. Kids shopping for u two is seems very cute. and the ginger bread house looks nice colourful. :D

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