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There seems to be an upward trend towards weaning kids from picture to chapter books as early as possible. Almost like a desire to reach a milestone on target. Use of limited words and amazing illustrations is a sure proof way to instill imagination in young minds. I still love to read picture books, fairy tales and any story where good triumphs evil or stories with a moral at the end.
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Some well known picture books that were made into a motion picture are "Polar Express" and "Jumanji". If you are looking for more options for your little ones, do check out the list of books that received the Caldecott Awards. Caldecott Awards are given to artists for the most distinguished work in picture books.

A few family favorites we are reading right now are "Officer Buckle and Gloria" and "Where the Wild Things Are". There are numerous safety tips in the book "Officer Buckle and Gloria", the one my son did not know was "Do not stand on a sivel chair". Not that he's stopped doing it but at the very least he knows its not the best thing to use when reaching out things from top shelfs. However the book is about friendship, jealosy and trust. Infact the book is such a family favorite, my middle-schooler joins me when I read it out loud for my son.


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