Time Capsule

My dearest Rohan, as you start Kindergarten, the beginning of yet another wonderful journey; here are a few I would add to your time capsule, in the essence of capturing, the way you are at 5 before school, time and life in general touched you.

Your smile has the power to take me from super mad (obviously for something you did) to hysterically laughing in a couple of seconds. This is one lesson you learnt early in your life, leveraging the power of your smile.

You almost have a 4-way switch in your head that you can turn on and off at your will when you need to (a) Cry, (b) Cranky, (c) Laugh and (d) All of the above at the same time.

Friends and Playing
You are my Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. All it takes to make you happy is some dirt, water and lots of outdoors. You love water colors but it’s mostly the water and the mess you like more than the colors.

All of your sister’s friends are your friends as well. When she has a play date, you tag along too. When you are done playing with the girls you befriend their mommies and go on a snack hunt. There are some moms, who even send your favorite food over when you don’t go.

You really think your sister is the only one who fed you when you were little and your evidence happen to be a picture of her feeding you with a bottle. She does take great care about you and there are times you watch out for her as well.

There is no pushing you into anything you are not ready to do; be it swimming, biking, tracing (writing) or anything else.

You color outside the box, do things your way but smart enough not to push it too far to get into trouble. If you don’t believe me, check your pre-school graduation performance video. That speaks volumes of what you did in pre-school.

Love and Marriage
There was a time you wanted to marry me and you strongly believe if I had met you before I knew daddy, we both would have been happily married.

You think people fall in love by humming a song (you hardly watch any hindi movies, how did you get that one?) or may be it's your way of telling me to be stop singing when we are out of the house.

You scare people around saying, “stop doing that daddy or amma will put it on her blog”.

When we saw you play tennis with such passion at the age of 4, we thought you could become a tennis player. When your piano teacher heard you sing the notes as you play, she thought you are bound to be a good singer. When we see you motivate us to finish up a task (and not do anything yourself), we thinkyou can be a management grad.

You, my boy, looked around, saw your amma, appa, sister and grandma and think a retirement life like your grandma’s is the best option around.

You love stories of Krishna and when you want to eat butter, you start off by asking, “Does Krishna’s mom love him?”

Every night with out fail, the minute light goes off, you say “Om Shakthi” a few times before you drift into your sleep.

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