Bastrop State Park, TX

Is my life getting predictable or am I setting up a tradition here? Spring break means a visit to state park and is usually a week after Holi. This year we missed Holi due to rains and visited the Bastrop State Park located close to Austin TX.

The Cabin we stayed was built during the Great Depression of 1930s, in an attempt to boost the spirits of the depressed youth. They were paid $30 a month and were expected to send $25 home.

I make it a point to visit the local farmers market or grocery stores to get a feel for the place. I picked up Mexican Chillies sauce this time.

Ri and Ro chose a 1.5 mile hiking trail that leads up to a viewing center on a small hillock. Ri was navigator #1 and Ro, navigator #2. Each chose a stick and their job was to lead the rest of us by following the trail marks on the trees depending on the hiking route they chose. Ro was disappointed that he did not get a chance to fight and clear cob webs on the trail, I guess it was a well frequented trail. The view at the end of the hike was a dense pine forest. It was picturesque.

The kids used butterfly nets to catch tiny fishes and later released them all back into the water. They had a blast exploring, playing with bubbles and collecting firewood and pine cones. Later in the day, the kids and M lit up a camp fire. M and I stayed up until midnight and enjoyed the warmth of the fire.

Right after we came home, Ri googled up our next hiking trip.


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