San Antonio Trip

Not that I celebrate St.Partick's day but we were at River Walk, San Antonio during the celebrations last week. The river(not a river by any means, it is a canal system that is 3ft deep) was colored green by dumping eco-friendly coloring dye into the water. The restaurants were packed and the wait time was anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours for dinner.

It was relaxing the following day when we leisurely lunched by the waters and bought a hand painted Mexican turtle made out of clay from one of the local vendors.

The Japanese Tea Garden transports you miles across the globe.

Ri is a true Texan by any means. She knows her Texas history and could not wait to see the Alamo. She told and retold the history and importance of Alamo numerous times that Ro can now pass the 4th grade social test.


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