Flying kites brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood. One kite flying season, my brothers and I came up with the recipe for strengthening the dor (thread/string to fly kite). We were determined to get the kites from the street urchins who took ours away. We meticulously prepared the concoction by thickening starch and added some colored powders to it. The next step was to spread the dor all over our terrace and dry it.

Flying kites were yet another challenge as it was never windy enough in Chennai. I am sure the kite makers did not buy 'Made in China' aerodynamic kites. The tricky part was attaching the dor to the kite. It was one proud moment to get it to fly.

This weekend it was just the right weather to fly kites. It took Ri seconds to get the dragon kite soar up in the air. Ro waited until the dragon hit the ground to attack/fight it. Well, that was Ro's game until Ri convinced him that dragons were good/harmless creatures. Then he morphed into a Sun Warrior who job was to protect the dragons.


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