Up, The Movie

Ri and Ro watched the movie "Up". I heard so much laughter that we decided to watch the movie as a family one more time. In the movie there is an imaginative girl and a boy. They become good friends. Right before the next scene, Ri goes, "This is where they get married". I tell Ri not to tell us what is going to happen and she agrees. The couple grows old. The wife dies.

Now the lonely old man is bored and decides to fly his house with a million balloons. A small boy is added for company and humor. They land in S. America and spot a unique bird. There are talking birds looking for the same bird. Now Ri is a good listener and is determined not to make the same mistake. She says "Amma, I will not tell you who the dog's boss is? ... Now Ro pitches in and burst out to help his mommy. "Amma, I will tell you amma. It is the old man who comes in the first scene".

Last night we saw Alice in Wonderland.


Geeta,  March 25, 2010 at 5:49 PM  

Alice was just ok. Not impressive at all. Ri loved it as its her first 3d.

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