Big Day at School

Today is Ri's Writing TAKS (or Standardized Testing) at school. She hit the bed early last night. She woke up at 6 today and was well rested. I made her favorite breakfast - Pongal/eggplant gost and packed Idlis/Onion chutney for lunch along with milk and a snack. Of course I did some prep work the previous night to make this 9 course meals early in the morning.

I like the fact that schools provide grading criteria for grading essays. We ate breakfast together and went over a few writing rules -

  • Choose the points you want to write and then sequence it
  • Be descriptive and provide your perspective to the essay.
  • Focus on a catchy intro and a decisive conclusion.
  • Finally edit it like someone else wrote it.

As usual she prayed and left for school this morning. Called up from work and found that the prompt she received was "Write about something you found". She wrote about how she found a lost library book and titled her essay "The Modern Sherlock Holmes"


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