Spring Break Road Trip 2010

I am sure my parents waited decades or generations before they could narrate 'then and now' stories. Today is a different story. I had to explain Ri that when five years ago, road trips were different. Dad would drive and mom was the navigator. If there were traffic jams, mom would read maps and look for detours. She would also estimate the distance and ETA by eyeing the scale of the map, speed and other road signs. Today, the GPS does it all.

The kids did fairly well on the trip. Heard Texas-history stories, lots of Hindi/Tamil songs, all that a pokemon can and cannot do, and my absolute favorite are the songs the kids make when they are bored.

One new game I came up on this trip was, if I badly wanted to listen to a song (like the old 90's tamil song or older Hindi ones) and the kids do not, they have to guess the meaning of the song. Ri's answer to "Vaan uyardha solailey ... nee nadandha ..." was "Somebody wants to be with somebody". I had to give it to her. Very soon she found the formula for the songs. Male solo - he loves her, female solo - she loves him, happy duet - they love each other, sad duet - they miss each other.

It was time to move on to another game.


shy March 24, 2010 at 11:09 PM  

will def try this next time we are on road...out of inventing games....now only copying other moms proven invention...

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