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The key to success in anything is not how many times you fail or fall off the track, but what motivates you to get back on track. In the past, when I derailed, even if it was for a day or two, I would feel like I have gone past the point of no return and put on all the weight I lost. Mostly because I would binge and the pounds will be back in no time. This time around, even though I slacked off on the walks or working out every now and then, I kept my eating right habits intact.

My scale is still moving to the left, even though it's doing it very gradually. I hate to use the word very as it does not add anything to the word it precedes (my daughter's advise) but here it's a much needed word. It's moving very very slowly. But I am happy it is reducing.

Eating right for me, was really not about figuring out what to eat when but to not look at food as a go to object. I eat when in stress, while watching tv, of course on any occasion that calls for a celebration, when I don't sleep. I would aimlessly look for a snack when I am bored or when my mind is preoccupied.

Developing a perspective to look down on junk food has helped me from the binges. Not that I do not eat ice creams or chips but certainly the frequency and quantity has reduced. The minute I started saying no to these foods, I was amazed at how often I had to. These foods have become such an integral part of my diet. There's always a birthday cake, dessert at a friend's house not to mention the large carb-heavy dinner, the vending machine items after the office cafeteria closes, girls scout cookies, the list is simply endless and it's not even the holidays.

I am slightly over my hummus-red peppers-cucumber addiction. Here's what I am eating these days.

Breakfast : 2 egg whites

Breakfast #2 : A pot full of steel cut oats made with lots of 1% milk. For some reason I cannot do fat free milk. Plus the oats I am referring to is not the instant one and yes a pot full not a bowl.

Snack - 1/2 or 1 apple or some berries.

Option #1 :Hummus + Bell peppers + Cucumbers. I find it easy to pack also if I am working from home, does not take too long to fix it as lunch. Now I am not eating a tub of hummus but more like a couple of tablespoons.
Option #2 : 2 Wheat Rotis, no oil + Veggies

Tea Time - Indian Chai + 2 Rusks(from the Indian stores)

Dinner : Same options as lunch. Or a moderate portion of what I make for the entire family.

As I am eating all through the day, I am really not that hungry when it's dinner time. So I am really not in the "snack-all-you-can" mode in the afternoon or during dinner time. Hmmm.. I guess I finally figured what the experts have always been saying. Eat every 2 hours or eat more to lose weight.


Vijaya,  January 25, 2013 at 9:53 AM  

Moving from cows milk to soy milk helped me a lot and oats cooked in soy milk also taste great.

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