Social Long Walk

Moderation is something I neither learned growing up nor cultivated as an adult. Feast or Famine is more like my way of doing things. Either the house will be speckles or dirty laundry overflowing all over the closet, 3 course meals or eat-what's-there-in-fridge type dinners and the same with how I exercise. My husband walks a mile daily, does 10 sun salutations and does minimal weights. He tries to do this routine 5 times a week. My work outs are more along the feast or famine type situations. I will be lazying around the TV for hours together or do something like 100 sun salutations in one sitting. So when I wanted to walk, it had to be done in a big way too. Along with my New Year Email, was my invitation for my friends to join me in my long walks on Saturday and train with me for a Half Marathon. Honestly I did not think they were going to turn up, except for may be one, who is my usual walking buddy. Surprise, all came in and we had a really fun social walk and covered 6 miles. More updates on the half-marathon coming up soon.

Food Diary**

2 Boiled Eggs
15 Raspberries ... actually counted it

4 Persian cucumbers
1 red bell pepper
Lots of Hummus ...lets just say lots for now.

Tea/Snack Post Walk
1 Big mug Chai
1 big apple ...can you believe apple is what I served my friends after the long walk in lieu of biscuits or other savories.

Fish Fry
Asparagus ... yes, I should hit the grocery stores today or tomorrow ...or we are struck with asparagus for the week. Not sure the folks in my family are going to appreciate that much given it's the third day in a row I am serving them.
Again some cucumbers and hummus as I was hungry and needed some thing to much on while making tomato rice for the family.

Did I forget the glass of wine with my dinner?

**Hopefully my food diary will have something new once I hit the grocery store, which I am trying with all my might not to.


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