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Do you cook everyday or cook once a week for the whole week? Cooking meals for a week simply does not work for me or us to be specific. Mostly it's because we change our minds all the time on what we want to eat. If I made beans, the family wants tindora. If I have rasam handy, then I am in the mood to eat some onion sambar and so on and so forth. It's even more complex with the portion size. We do not seem to be eating the same size meal everyday. How much we eat depends on what I make, how I make and what else we ate for lunch and snack that day. I know many for whom this works like magic. They cook once or twice a week and finish up the pre-determined portion size as planned. I know one who plays restaurant on Fridays where each one in the family gets to choose a different left overs from the 6 or 7 dishes made for the week. Well, it certainly does not work for us and I no longer try to fit in things that's not me or something that does not suit us. But I certainly understand the significance of planning meals and scheduling work outs for the week to ensure minimal deviations in binge eating and slacking off from my long walks.

Like most Indian cooks, my dinners are not planned elaborately but more a spontaneous action of what we are in the mood to eat that day. So an elaborate minute by minute plan may not be my style but I am still well prepared for those 'right-after-work-hunger-pangs' where nothing can usually stop me from finishing up what ever there is in the pantry.

Winter break is over and school starts tomorrow. We have been waking up at 12, sleeping at midnight and pretty much ignoring Mr.Clock. All that's changing tomorrow and my determination to seek an entire hour or two in a day for a long walk is to be tested as we head towards a more real life scenario that includes school, work, activities, alarms in the morning and not to forget stress from multiple sources. I will keep you posted, if not too often, at least once a week on my half-marathon training. For next week, all my veggies are chopped and meat marinated and for once I am truly ready to head out for work Monday morning with no blues or greens or any other hues or cries.

Happy Monday Y'all !!!


Sugar January 7, 2013 at 8:41 PM  

sounds good :) when are you planning to run the half marathon??
usually I make idli/dosa batter and store in the fridge , there is also chappati dough handy and cut up vegetables too. I also soak beans over night about 2-3 times a week. So its very easy to whip up a quick dinner - hot, healthy and wholesome. Yes there are days I have a smoothie instead of eating. But thats how I manage :)

Bikramjit January 8, 2013 at 2:53 AM  

The roads are packed again .. as schools started

hope u had a great monday , did you volunteer :)

Geeta January 8, 2013 at 6:49 AM  

Bikram - Yes I did, actually have to until this month end.

Sugar - Yep, some weekends especially if I plan in advance, I get some dosa/idli batter prepared. Will post another one in detail about the marathon.

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