The First 10 Pounds

Thanks to Facebook, whether you are in a party or simply hanging out, everybody wants to take a picture   and post it. On one of these pictures taken during a Diwali party, I looked exactly how I looked when I was 5 months pregnant with Rohan. Note: He's my second child. The tummy is way bigger for the 2nd than the first. It's one of those side poses that may come in handy when I do a before and after picture. For now, it's deeply hidden in my folder structure tucked away from every social media what so ever.

I guess I needed one of these strong-on-my-face kind of a message to realize I am way over the "overweight" category and sneaking into the "obese" section. My brother told me a year ago same time, I was putting on too much weight. I did not believe him. Thought he was being himself. I guess we hear what we want to hear and see what we like to irrespective of what the weighing scales tell us or the mirror shows us. Guess this is also a side effect of "no body image issues".

For the most part, I have stayed away from sugary desserts and processed carbohydrates since Diwali. I eat omelets for breakfast, a variety of veggies or lentils or a combination of both for lunch and dinner. Snacked heavily on cashews to keep my hunger at bay. The satiety factor of cashews is high. If not for these nuts, I would have given up on this effort in a couple of days. I kind of like cashews when it's frozen. For the first few weeks, I did not watch portion size. My goal was to eat a hearty meal and not think about food until the next meal.

The first 10 pounds dropped pretty easily. Makes me wonder how many calories I was consuming through sweets and desserts. My holiday dinners included a glass of wine here and there. I am still doing good. Last  week, my goal was to maintain. I added an hour of walking into the schedule and a long walk every weekend with unlimited music provided by Pandora.

Current Weight : 168 Lbs ( as of 12/31/2012)

Starting Weight : 178 Lbs (as of 11/16/2012)

Goal Weight :150 Lbs (???)


rama January 3, 2013 at 6:24 AM  

Wow! that is really great.. All the best to achieve your goal.
Happy New Year!

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