Potato People

Until I logged in to work yesterday, I did not realize how exhausted I was. Thank goodness, I still hve 2 days vacation from last year. I decided to use it. I am off from work today and tomorrow. Hopefully I will be well rested and ready to take on the year.

Food Diary

Breakfast: A couple of boiled egg whites and coffee no sugar.

Lunch: 2 Big cucumbers and a red bell pepper with lots of hummus.

Exercise: Long walk for about an 1 hour and 45 minutes and covered 5.6 miles.

Snack: Chicken gravy I made for lunch sans rice and hot Indian Chai with sugar.

Dinner: Again some cucumbers and hummus and a protein shake with a few pineapple chunks and yogurt. I bought a sample of from Sprouts. Don't think I am a protein shake person. Reminder to self, stick to regular food. I did not like the texture of the shake. Glad I bought a single use sampler rather than the whole 20 pound jar.

I am trying hard to refrain myself from weighing everyday. I think I should ask somebody to hide the scales some place and take it out once every month or once every 2 weeks for the weigh ins.

"Potato People" refers to the print framed on my family room wall as shown in pic.


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